April 26 2012 Special Meeting Minutes


Episcopal Cursillo Movement

 Diocese of Northern California


Special Secretariat Meeting Minutes

            April 26, 2012  


Meeting Location: Trinity Episcopal Church 803 Figueroa  Folsom, CA


Attendees:  Linda Evans, President; Lois McPherson, Vice-President;Amy Camp, Secretary; Peggy Bosch, Rectora #106; Evan Evans,  Father  Mike Kerrick; Judy Silva; Debi Hart; Perry McLain; Rouse & Jo Foote; Lynn Thomas; Kendra Zimmerman; Bob & Joy Blair; MaryAnn Tortavich; John Bosch; Susan Van Dyke; and Kim Dillon

The meeting was opened with a prayer by Father Mike at 7:15 pm

Linda Evans began the meeting with an explanation of the purpose of this special (non-scheduled) meeting: to allow people to voice their opinions as to whether Cursillo #106 should be cancelled or proceed as planned.

She explained that the meeting would be conducted using “Roberts Rules”: 1 person speaking at a time; 3 minutes speaking time per person; She explained that there would be 45 minutes for discussion, and at the end of this time, there would be pieces of paper distributed for each person to vote “yes” or “no” on the topic of whether or not to proceed with Cursillo #106. She explained that the President can’t vote unless there is a tie.

She then turned the meeting over to The Rev Mike Kerrick since Linda, being the asst  rectora of 106, felt it may be a conflict.

Next, Rev  Mike  asked everyone  to introduce themselves.

Father Mike then read emails sent from Noreen Lafferty, Beth Southorn, and Cyndy Larson, who could not be present.

Father Mike then invited those people present to share their feelings and opinions. He requested that nothing negative be said about how #106 was organized, planned, etc.

It was asked how many candidates were currently enrolled. Per Linda, there were 8 but Peggy shared that she had 3-5 more ready to go.

It was shared that Cursillo #100 had only 12 candidates, and almost all of them returned to participate in team after completion.

The question was raised if there was an established number of candidates, to which a “no” answer was provided. It was suggested that this be discussed at the next Secretariat meeting that is was not an issue at this time

A current team member said that she felt the team was ready to go and the excitement and energy at the last planning meeting was great.  Another current team member said she felt that attendance at the team meetings had been poor and that it seemed team’s heart wasn’t in it.  Father Mike shared that the team meetings should be less about getting things done and more about building on the joy and grace that comes from the Holy Spirit which passes on to the candidates.  One person felt as if there was concern that there might not be enough candidates so it seemed like people were “beating the bushes” to find people.

Several people shared concern over Rectora Peggy’s health issues.

Another current team member shared that it appeared as if the Cursillo movement had gotten fragmented—that it has been going through changes and reorganizing; the movement needs to finish rebuilding before offering a Cursillo weekend.

Someone shared that it seems as if it is mostly the team that sponsors candidates—is this making it more about the team than the candidates?  A current team member said the preparations for #106 went too fast—that there wasn’t enough connection between team members.  Several people said that they have had concerns about Cursillo being more about the weekend than the importance of bringing leaders to the church, who in turn bring energy back to the church through Ultreyas and 4th Day events.

Concern was expressed that people are brought to Cursillo because they need “healing” in some area of their lives or a “love” experience—this is not what the weekend should be for.  It was shared that the clergy should be more involved and should understand what the Cursillo movement is all about before signing off on a candidate’s application.  It was pointed out that this is not the first time that a Cursillo weekend has been cancelled or postponed—it is as if God is saying you’ve gotten ahead of yourselves and missed the focus.

The need for improved sponsor training was also addressed.  Another person said that she felt she had a good sponsor training experience.  Sharing included a fear that it has become more like a “camp” experience—a time to get together to have fun—  We need to get back to the understanding that we are servants.

It was said that it would be a tragedy to tell the enrolled candidates that they don’t get to go to the weekend.  It was felt that the team had worked hard to make the weekend happen.  It was said that a Cursillo weekend is not “put on”, but rather it is “lived”.

Father Mike then asked that all present prayerfully access their vote.  It was clarified that a “yes” vote was to move forward with Cursillo #106 as planned/scheduled; a “no” vote was that it be cancelled.  The count was tallied by Debi and MaryAnn.  Father Mike announced that the majority was “NO” and that Cursillo #106 was cancelled.

.Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m. with a closing prayer.


Respectfully Submitted,

 Amy Camp, Secretary


  May 2021  
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