January 18, 2011 Minutes


Episcopal Cursillo Movement

 Diocese of Northern California

Secretariat Meeting Minutes, January 18, 2011

St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, Davis


Attendees: Russ Bruch, President; Susan Van Dyke, Vice-President; Evan Evans, Treasurer; Linda Evans, Secretary, Debi Hart, Delinda Woltring  


The meeting was opened with a prayer by Russ Bruch at 7:00 pm



Secretary’s Report:

Linda Evans passed out copies of the November 2010 minutes.  There were a couple of corrections to the minutes as follows: any reference to a rev needs to be prefaced with “The” and on page 5, it is Dani from St. Sava’s that is not happy with us not St Sava’s itself. Russ moved to accept the minutes as corrected, seconded by Evan Evans; all voted the vote was unanimous. 



Treasurer Report:

Evan passed out copies of November’s report. He reported that he had finally got into contact with CCLI. It appeared that the reason that it had not been paid was because they had the Diocese P O Box as their mailing address. He found this information as he went back into the prior treasurer reports and bills that he had paid. When he had spoken to CCLI they could not find our account. Evan did not know if it would be valid until the prior account expires which will be Sept 2011 or if they will start a new account from this date and we would not have to pay again until Jan 2012. They have his address on file for mailing purposes.




President Report:

Russ reported that Leslie Grier, Judy Kerrick and he checked out the facilities at Leoni Meadows camp and retreat center as a possible site to hold Cursillo. They did not have adequate refrigeration facilities for our needs.


Susan Van Dyke, Leslie Grier and Russ met with Beth Southorn last weekend for her rectora training. Beth has selected Liz Armstrong to be her spiritual director for #104. They have decided to hold #104 at Camp Noel Porter in Tahoe April 7 – April 10. Russ requested a check from the treasurer for the deposit. It will cost $2000.00 for the 4 days rent with a $350.00 clean up charge.


The Secretariat meeting dates for 2011 will be March 15, May 17, September 20, and November 15th. To be held at St. Martins Church, Davis CA at 7:00pm.


Russ is very concerned about the attendance at the Secretariat meetings. We need to be thinking of ways to increase the attendance.


Russ reported that the team Applications Coordinator, Debi Hart, has stepped down from that position and he suggested that we add that position back into the registrar position. He has someone in mind to fill the registrar’s position, Helen Campbell from St. Martins. Debi will be only publishing one more edition of the Rainbow Reflection.


The secretariat has many vacant positions that need filling: Registrar, Webmaster, Rainbow Reflections editor and librarian.


Susan suggested that we let the Rainbow Reflection rest. We do not have the interest and if anyone needs to know anything they should be able to look on the website; all agreed.


Delinda volunteered to take on the librarian position. Susan suggested that maybe Pat Hill may be interested in the webmaster position. Russ will contact him.


Russ’ goals for this year are:

  • To put on 2 Cursillos (#104 and #105)

  • Increase attendance at the secretariat meetings

  • Fill vacant positions

  • Trust in God


We can not do it all so let’s do what we can do!

We need to focus awareness of Cursillo in all of the Churches in the Diocese.



Vice-President Report:  None


Registrar’s Report:  Vacant


Webmaster’s Report: Vacant


Leadership Encouragement: No Report


Librarian: Vacant


New Business


Linda noted that the team application on the website needs to be updated. The existing one has Debi Hart’s address to send the applications and it also asks for proof of training but since we are incorporating the training as part of the Cursillo planning meetings, it is no longer needed. Linda will update the application for the website and put her address to mail the applications for #104. It will be changes later when the registrar position is filled. (OPEN to Linda E)


Susan made a motion that since we are saving money on rent by holding Cursillo #104 at Camp Noel Porter, we pay someone up to $500.00 to come in and do the final cleaning instead of having the Love Team; Delinda seconded the motion. After much discussion, if the cleaning should be done before, at the conclusion or both, the motion is being tabled until the next meeting. Russ will obtain more information on the facilities. (OPEN March 2011 – Susan & Russ)


Russ asked Evan, the treasurer, to make out, in addition to the deposit for Camp Noel Porter, checks to Beth Southorn for $2000.00 for the cook team food allowance, $500.00 for the cook team themes/ set-up/skits and $500.00 for the Rollo Room supplies and send them directly to her.


Linda made a motion that the secretariat pays the cost of the background checks for the rectora and asst rectora, Susan seconded the motion; all voted the vote was unanimous. 





Comments for the good of the whole 


Evan Evans read two letters that he received from candidates from the last Cursillo. Both letters were very heart felt and appreciative of Evan (as the guardian angel) and the cook team and everyone’s hard work. That is what Cursillo is all about.


Susan volunteered to pair up with someone to address different congregations and speak about Cursillo. Linda Evans said that she would also be interested in doing that. She and Evan are going to go to Ascension in Vallejo and do just that hopefully sometime in January or February.


Debi Hart said that she would like to take on the webmaster position. Russ told her that he needed for her to contact David Thomas as soon as possible to set up training.


Meeting adjourned at 8:15 with prayer led by Susan



Next meeting March 15, 2011


Respectfully Submitted,



Linda Evans, Secretary


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