July 20, 2010 Minutes


Episcopal Cursillo Movement

Diocese of Northern California

Secretariat Meeting Minutes, July, 20, 2010

St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, Davis


Attendees: Russ Bruch, President; Paul Sabatier, Vice President; Evan Evans, Treasurer; Linda Evans, Secretary; and Susan Van Dyke


Not Present: David Thomas, Webmaster; The Rev. Mike Kerrick, Spiritual Advisor; and Lynne Thomas, Registrar.


The meeting was opened with a prayer by Russ Bruch at 7:00 pm


Secretary’s Report: Linda Evans passed out copies of the May and April minutes. There was a correction to the second page, second paragraph, second sentence of the May’s minutes; change “him” to “her”. There were no other corrections to be made to the minutes; Evan Evans moved to accept the minutes as corrected, seconded by Susan Van Dyke. The vote was unanimous.

The minutes of the June’s special meeting were reviewed. Susan Van Dyke moved to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Evan Evans. The vote was unanimous.


Linda made a suggestion that the minutes/treasurer report be re-named on the webpage. It is now under “documents”, can it be changed to “Minutes”? Russ said that he would check with the webmaster. (OPEN Russ)


Treasurer Report: Evan passed out copies of July’s report. The prior outstanding check has been cashed. The minutes were accepted by Susan Van Dyke and seconded by Linda Evans. Voted unanimously and kept for audit.


We have not yet received the invoice for the National Cursillo for our dues. Russ will look into another contact and give the information to Evan to contact directly. Susan Van Dyke made a motion that when we get the invoice to pay the entire bill instead of the already authorized ½, since the deadline has past, Linda Evans seconded the motion. The Vote was unanimous



President Report: Russ has found an editor for the “Rainbow Reflections”. Debi Hart will be our new editor and all articles for the next issue need to be to her by August 1, 2010


The Rev Anne McKeever will be joining the Cursillo 103 team as one of the Spiritual Advisors; Russ is still looking for another clergy to work with her. Anne has asked The Rev Lynell Walker to work with her, but Rev Lynell’s schedule is very heavy and she probably will not be available for team meetings but has not given Rev Anne a response as of yet. If Rev Lynell consents to just being available for the weekend, we will need to have another clergy as well. Susan Van Dyke gave Russ several names of experienced Cursillo clergy that may be interested.


We need to come up with ideas to increase the attendance to the secretariat meetings. One idea was to put something in big print on the face of the Cursillo homepage. Russ will check with webmaster (OPEN Russ) Let Russ know of any other ideas.



Vice-President Report: Paul reported that the task that he had been assigned regarding Sponsorship training he had deferred to Debi Hart and that she was not present.


Susan asked which sponsorship form that we were using for #103. Susan passed out a copy of he one she had made up some time ago which had been being used and another received from Debi Hart, in which the sponsor has to read and sign, to be sent in with the candidate application.


Linda Evans said that as co-sponsor of the first candidate, she had just received a candidate confirmation that the forms that we have been using for some time, that there had been no changes.


Evan Evans said that there was prior discussion about changing the form but that it would not be done for this Cursillo, and because of many different views about sponsorship, it would be tabled and discussed at a later meeting. (OPEN Russ)


Registrar’s Report: Not present but report sent to President via email. We now have our first candidate for Cursillo #103 from Grace Church, Fairfield.


Webmaster’s Report: Not present but report sent to President via email. Everything that has been sent for posting to the website has been posted.


Spiritual Advisor’s Report: Not present, no report


New Business: Next meeting will be nominations for next year’s voted Secretariat positions.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm with a prayer by Russ Bruch


Next meeting Sept 21, 2010


Respectfully Submitted,



Linda L. Evans, Secretary




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