March 19, 2012 Minutes


Episcopal Cursillo Movement

 Diocese of Northern California


Secretariat Meeting Minutes, March 19, 2012


Meeting Location: Mercy Housing, West Sacramento


Attendees:  Linda Evans, President; Lois McPherson, Vice-President;

Noreen Rafferty, Treasurer; Amy Camp, Secretary; Anne Arms, Registrar; Maria Acuna-Feldman, Palanca; Peggy Bosch, Rectora #106; Janet Kendig,and Beth Southorn, Rector Development; Evan Evans and Dorothy Floro.


The meeting was opened with a prayer at 7:15 pm


Secretary’s Report:

Amy Camp passed out copies of the January 24, 2012 minutes.  Noreen Rafferty made a motion to accept the minutes as written, which was seconded by Linda Evans. All present voted and the vote was unanimous. 


President’s Report:

Linda Evans distributed the meeting agenda to all present.

Linda shared that on February 19th, Grace Episcopal hosted the newly formed Solano Ultreya. Karios (Cursillos conducted in prisons) gave a presentation at the Ultreya and a hand-out about the organization was passed around. She asked if anyone present would like to serve as a liaison with this ministry to see where we can assist them. She suggested this be considered in other Ultreyas that attendees participate in. Attendees asked to create hands with Bible sayings on them and bring to the next Secretariat meeting.


Linda requested that mailing addresses be provided for individuals who do not have email addresses so that these individuals will receive notifications.


Linda shared that fees paid for Cursillo participation (team and sponsors) is tax deductible. Receipts will be given by the Treasurer.


There was a Rectora Development team meeting held on February 20th. (More to follow on Rectora Development team report presented by Janet Kendig)


Linda suggested that duties of the Love Team (Tabled on 1/24/12) be explained at the beginning of planning meetings for the next Cursillo by the previous Cursillo’s Rector(a).


It was mentioned that copies of the CD containing the National by-laws are now available. They can also be viewed on the national website.



Vice-President Report:

Lois began with a request to attendees to provide a contact from each church for her to begin working with them on how to educated sponsors.


Treasurer’s Report:

Noreen presented that the beginning balance was $6,853.13. Two checks of $100 were received and there was a fee reversal of $26.83 resulting in an ending balance of $6,979.96

Linda reminded secretariat that it had been previously decided that there should be $1,000 held in a subcategory for scholarships.

Evan Evans moved that we accept the report to be held for audit. No objections.


Spiritual Advisor Report: Not present/No report


Librarian’s Report: Not present/No report

Linda suggested that all written materials to be included in “Fourth Day” packets be requested from Delinda.


Registrar’s Report:

Anne reported that 15 team member applications had been received to date.


Webmaster Report: Not present/No report


Palanca Report:

Maria reported that Leslie Grier has forwarded Palanca requests from other ministries to her. It was suggested that she start contacting other ministries to request Palanca for Cursillo #106. National website, under “Palanca” has contact information. It was noted that there was not a link to other Cursillos on our website. Webmaster will be contacted to see if this can be created (Tabled until 5/21/12)


Rector(a) Development Report:

Presented by Janet Kendig. Team meeting held on 2/20/12. Present were Gerry Moore, Janet Kendig, Beth Southorn and Linda Evans. Fr. Mike Kerrick to be invited to future meetings. The purpose of the team is to identify, encourage, and assist in providing training experiences for Rector(a)s for Cursillo. This committee maintains Rector(a) applications for consideration.  The committee set a goal to have 8 prospective Rector(a) candidates on file by the end of 2012.


Interested candidates for this position must be baptized Christian and regularly attend church; have worked multiple Cursillo teams; have given at least one Rollo; served on a core team; demonstrated support of the Cursillo movement by participation in a local Ultreya and, ideally, in a Fourth Day group.


It was suggested that the practice of not announcing the next Rector(a) until Closura of the current Cursillo be resumed.


Sponsor Training Report: Not Present/No Report

Gerry will write something for the website to describe the importance of training for sponsors (Tabled on 1/24/12 and 3/19/12; OPEN: 5/21/12).


Cursillo #106 Report:

Peggy Bosch described how she will be conducting Cursillo #106 which included having the Stations of the Cross indoors, a calmer “Zap” process, and no Rag Man.


Sexual Harassment training requirement discussed and Janet made a motion that it was acceptable for team members to do the training on line. Peggy second the motion. No opposition. Rector(a) of each Cursillo will be responsible for making sure all team members complete the training.


Peggy commented that she would have preferred past applications be made available in the Rector(a) Binder, as was done in the past, so that she had more information on individuals that she could contact for participation. A motion was made by Noreen that we no longer remove team or candidate applications and was second by Beth. No opposition, although Linda suggested this motion by revisited next meeting. (OPEN: 5/21/12)


Old Business:

(Open issues not previously noted in this report)


Peggy was encouraged to write a “spark” to encourage Cursillo participation for review by the secretariat. (Tabled on 1/24/12 and 3/19/12; OPEN 5/21/12)


Contract for Noel Porter (Tabled on 1/24/12 and 3/19/12; OPEN: 5/21/2012)


Should cost to participate on team or as a Cursillista be increased?  There has not been an increase in many years. (Tabled on 1/24/12 and 3/19/12; OPEN: 5/21/12)


New Business:

Nothing additional


Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m. with a closing prayer from Noreen.


Next Secretariat Meeting: May 21, 2012 @ 7pm


Respectfully Submitted,


 Amy Camp, Secretary



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