May 24, 2011 Minutes


Episcopal Cursillo Movement

 Diocese of Northern California

Secretariat Meeting Minutes, May 24, 2011

St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, Davis



Attendees: Russ Bruch, President; Evan Evans, Treasurer; Linda Evans, Secretary, The Rev Mike Kerrick, Delinda Woltring and Dan Boeger.


Not Present: Susan Van Dyke, Vice-President


The meeting was opened with a prayer by The Rev Mike Kerrick at 7:00 pm


Secretary’s Report:

Linda Evans passed out copies of the March 22, 2011 minutes.  Evan Evans made a motion to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Father Mike; all voted the vote was unanimous. 

Linda added that she would not be running for secretary for the 2012 Secretariat board, so we needed to look for another prospect. Linda also said that she would entertain a nomination for President if so nominated.


Treasurer Report:

Evan passed out copies of the treasurer’s report. (Written report) We had lost the deposit of $350.00 for Camp Noel Porter since we had to change the location of #104 due to the weather. We have not received our deposit from St. Sava’s. Russ will check with Danni. (Open to Russ) Evan moved that we accept the report and it was seconded by Linda; all voted the vote was unanimous.


Evan said that he would again run for the position of Treasurer, if nominated


President Report:

Cursillo #104’s location was changed at the last minute due to the weather conditions. Russ, Susan, Linda and Evan had agreed that #104 needed to be postponed unless we could find alternate space. Russ, with the help of others, contacted St. Sava’s and they could accommodate us on the same scheduled dates April 7-10.



Russ was a table leader and presented a Rollo on Group Reunion and Ultreya for #104. We had 16 candidates for #104.


Russ and his wife attended the Grand Ultreya April 30 at Faith Episcopal Church. Approximately 59 people attended and several new cursillistas gave testimony to the experiences that they had at #104.


Russ said that he has decided to take a short rest from Cursillo, and would not be running for Secretariat office next year. We will need to be looking for a replacement.


There will be no meeting in July; the next meeting will be in Sept and we will have nomination of officers for 2012 Secretariat board and in November elections.


We have a new registrar, Leslie Grier. Russ will contact Lynne Thomas, prior registrar, and make sure that all records get transferred to Leslie. Any paper records, Delinda has offered to take to her place of employment to have destroyed. (Open to Russ)


Vice-President Report:

Vice-President report was given by Delinda Woltring for VP, who was not present because of car problems.

They will be having training for the #105 Rectora this Saturday. Training will be given to Janet Kendig by Russ, Leslie and Susan. Dan asked if he should be included in that training also since he was assistant rector; and was told that it was his option.

Susan would not be running for VP for the next year. She has accepted the position as Senior Warden of her Church and will not have the time. We will need to look for a replacement for VP.


Spiritual Advisor Report:

Father Mike has written an article as part of a series for the “Aurora”, the online newsletter for diocesan clergy; explaining clergy’s responsibility in the Cursillo process and what they are actually doing by signing the application.


Registrar Report: Not present



Webmaster Report: Not present.


Leadership Encouragement: Not present.

It was asked what and who this is. Currently Susan Van Dyke and Leslie Grier are on this committee. They gather information and process applications for Rector/Rectora.

There was discussion on how the committee is selected and what the selection process for Rector/Rectora. Russ said that he would contact the committee and get some written guidelines. (Open to Russ)



Delinda Woltring has accepted the President’s request for her to serve in this position.


Report from #104 Rectora: Not present


Old Business:

Linda Evans brought up the issue of sponsorship for some people from Ascension Church in Vallejo. Evan and Linda had gone to Ascension and introduced Cursillo to the congregation and have had a wonderful response. They are willing to spiritually sponsor all of the 5 that have put in applications but cannot financially sponsor all of them and need help. Russ Bruch and Delinda Woltring offered to each sponsor one candidate from Ascension.

Delinda made a motion that the Secretariat to put aside $1000.00 to be used for candidate only scholarships. The scholarship will not exceed $75.00 per candidate and will only be permitted only in need situations approved by the secretariat board. It will be for financial sponsorship only. It does not take away or substitute the need for spiritual sponsorship. Evan seconded the motion, all voted, the vote was unanimous.

The scholarship monies will be a separate line item on the treasurer’s report and will start with $1000.00 from the checking account. Any monies given to the secretariat for scholarships will be added to this line item.


New Business:

Dan Boeger brought up the possibility of contacting some of the congregations that have not participated in Cursillo in a while and get them active again. He asked if we had records showing the Churches where we have cursillistas and that have not been sending any candidates in the last few years. It was thought that Lynne Thomas may have that information and once the registrar information gets transferred we could check into this.


Meeting adjourned at 8:10 with a prayer from The Rev Mike Kerrick



Next meeting Sept 27, 2011




Respectfully Submitted,



Linda Evans, Secretary


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