Rector/a Application




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Anne Arms, Registrar, 352 Seawind Drive, Vallejo, CA  94590

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Birthdate                                                Occupation


Number, Date and location of the Cursillo you made:

Team Activities:

Core Ream = Rector, Assistant Rector, Head Cook, Music Director and Cha-cha.

Core Team: Y _____ N _____ Number of times _____ Positions Held: ____________________________

Team Number & Dates: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Cook Team: Y _____ N _____ Number of times _____ Team # & Dates: ___________________________

Rollo Room: Y _____ N _____ Number of times _____ Team # & Dates: __________________________

Rollos Given (titles) _____________________________________________________________________________________

Sponsored Candidates to Cursillo: Y _____ N _____ Number of times __________________________________



We encourage broad, extensive and clear explanations in the answers below. This will help to assess your application and possible development needs.


  1. Church Presently Attending and Ministry Involvement:




  1. In What Way Are You Presently Nurturing Your Spiritual Life?



  1. What Gifts Would you Bring to This Position?




  1. What Would be the Greatest Challenges for You?




  1. What Fourth Day Activities Are You Involved In?



  1. Do You Have a Preference As To The Time of Year, Due to Work or Family Needs?


Fall __________________________________Spring _________________________________



Additional Comments:



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Completion of this application advises the Leadership Team of your desire to become Rector. It provides the information the team needs to assist you in attaining your goal. Your application will remain on file until you request that it be withdrawn. You can expect to receive a call at some time in the future. You may inquire regarding the status of your application at any time by contacting the President of the Secretariat – contact information is found on the web page:

10/11 LT & RB