Minutes November 19, 2012



Episcopal Cursillo Movement

 Diocese of Northern California


Secretariat Meeting Minutes, November 19, 2012


Meeting Location: Mercy Housing, West Sacramento


Attendees:  Linda Evans, President; Lois McPherson, Vice-President;

Noreen Lafferty, Treasurer; Amy Camp, Secretary; Delinda Woltring, Librarian; Rev Mike Kerrick; Maria Acuna-Feldman, Palanca; Janet Kendig and Gerry Moore: Rector Development Team; Russ Bruch, Webmaster;/Assistant Rector #107; Dan Boeger , Rector #107; Patty and Phil Park, Lead Cooks #107; Nancy Moore; Susan Vandyke, David Thomas, Music Director #107; Linda Thomas; Stephen Harris, and Evan Evans.


The meeting was opened with a prayer by Rev Mike Kerrick at 7:10 pm


Secretary’s Report:

Minutes for the May 21, 2012 meeting (unavailable for approval at September meeting) were approved by Evan Evans and second by Delinda Woltring.


Minutes for the September 17, 2012 meeting were approved (pending 3 corrections) by Delinda Woltring and second by Susan Vandyke.


President’s Report:

Linda Evans distributed the meeting agenda to all present.


Linda thanked all members of the secretariat who served with her over the last year.


Linda announced that Cursillo #108 will be held May 2nd-May 5th, 2013 at Camp St. Sava’s in Jackson. Ane Diester will be the Rectora.


Vice-President Report:

Lois stated that she has not been able to visit different churches within the diocese to encourage sponsorship and 4th day participation as she had committed to.


She said she felt as if Gerry Moore will be effective in putting an emphasis on this and encouraged those in attendance to continue to reach out to Christians while on our earthly journey and remain focused on what is important.






Treasurer’s Report:

Noreen presented the current report dated 11/19/2012, and stated that the current balance was $6,984.84. There were no unpaid receipts. She did, however, state that there had been an addition error on the report dated 9/17/2012 showing a balance that was $100 more than was available. Correct balance on that date was actually $6,014.74.

It was also brought to the attention of those present that a payment had been made for the web page, but it was not reflected on the report.


Delinda Woltring moved that we accept the report to be held for audit. No objections.


Spiritual Advisor Report:

Father Kerrick shared that Father Cliff was confirmed for Cursillo #108, but other Spiritual Advisors not yet confirmed.


Librarian’s Report:

Delinda shared that she has received updated information from National and is updating the Rector/a box of supplies.


Registrar’s Report: No report/Not present:


Webmaster Report:

Russ stated that the previous Grand Ultreya information has been removed and that he believes everything else is up to date. A few issues were mentioned and Russ promised to address them and make corrections as needed.


Palanca Report:

Maria reported that she has not received requests for Palanca in a while, despite the fact that her name as the contact person is now noted.


Rector (a) Development Report:

Janet stated that Cursillo #108 Rectora Training dates have not yet been established. Dan, Rector #107 stated he had given the Rector box to Ane, but upon the recommendation of Susan Vandyke, Delinda agreed to verify that all of the information contained within is current.


Father Kerrick suggested that people start thinking about themselves, or recommended individuals for future Rector/a development.


Lynne Thomas reminded everyone that there is a box to check on the team application that people should be encouraged to check if they may be at all interested in the future.


Sponsor Training Report: No Report


Cursillo #108 Report: No Report/Ane Diester not present


Old Business:


Cursillo #107 Summary Report:

Rector Dan Boeger presented a very detailed report to all. Issues to be addressed by the Secretariat were also listed and noteworthy.


Dan stated that this was one of the best experiences of his life and that he felt the candidates became better Christians and were “turned on” as a result of their Cursillo experience.


Report highlights included the following:

-Camp Noel Porter staff and Board seemed genuinely excited to host Cursillo—even helped set up and clean up.

-Minor limitations of Camp Noel Porter—space as some team ended up in tents.

-Recommended that a Cursillo be held at this location earlier than October for better weather.

-Camp Noel Porter has been upgraded and is very comfortable for future Cursillos.

-A little challenging for the Love Team to clean, however the Board is in the process of setting up a contract with Merry Maids to clean up pre-camp/post-camp.

-Would like to continue to assist with dishwasher upgrade. The cost of underground drainage is holding up progress.

The Cursillo #107 Head Cooks said that they had no problems with effectiveness and efficiency without the upgrade. Proper planning along with empowering peoples’ passions were key.

-Dan stated that having the Chapel was beautiful, as was the Sunrise service on the lakeside beach.


Kairos program needs a liaison. (Tabled)


New Business:


Secretariat Officer Voting:


Nominations were as follows:

President:          Gerry Moore (nominated by Janet Kendig, Patty Park seconded)

                          Janet Kendig (nominated by Noreen Lafferty, Maria Acuna-

                             Feldman seconded)

Vice President:  Judy Silva (nominated by Amy Camp, Janet Kendig seconded)

Secretary:          Amy Camp (nominated by Evan Evans, Russ Bruch seconded)

Treasurer:          Noreen Lafferty (nominated  by Evan Evans, Delinda Woltring                      



Janet Kendig withdrew from consideration for the President position.


David Thomas moved that since there was only one nominated person per secretariat position that they be voted in by acclamation.


All were in favor.


Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m. with a closing prayer from Reverend Mike Kerrick.


Next Secretariat Meeting: to be determined by new President, Gerry Moore


Respectfully Submitted,


 Amy Camp, Secretary



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