Minutes November 22, 2011


Episcopal Cursillo Movement

 Diocese of Northern California

Secretariat Meeting Minutes, November 22, 2011

St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, Davis



Attendees: Russ Bruch, President; Susan Van Dyke, Vice-President;

Evan Evans, Treasurer; Linda Evans, Secretary; The Rev Mike Kerrick, Spiritual Director; Janet Kendig, Rectora #105, Peggy Bosch, Brian Shontz, Connie Ward, Jim Ward, Frank Tortorich, Mary Ann Tortorich, Anne Arms, Noreen Rafferty, and Gerry Moore.


The meeting was opened with a prayer by Russ Bruch at 7:00 pm


Secretary’s Report: 

Linda Evans passed out copies of the September 27, 2011 minutes.  Evan Evans made a motion to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Susan Van Dyke; all voted the vote was unanimous. 


Linda noted that she had updated the by-laws with a change in Article 2 regarding our quarterly meetings. This had been voted on at the Oct 2008 meeting (second vote) but never updated. Also we needed to update the office of the Bishops address since it has now changes to 350 University, Ste 280, Sacramento CA 95825. This does not require a vote since it is just an update. Linda will send updates to Russ (webmaster) to correct on-line version. (OPEN Linda 01/23/2012) Susan added that if we were to contact Tia in the Bishops office, she would make sure to notify us if there was any mail. (OPEN Linda 01/23/2012)



President’s Report: See written report attached


Russ will be receiving a bill for the set up for the new website for $179.00. Susan made a motion that we reimburse Russ when the bill is received for $179.00, seconded by Noreen; all voted the vote was unanimous.


St Sava’s has been reserved for Cursillo #106, March 8-March 11, with Peggy Bosch as rectora.


Camp Noel Porter has been reserved for #107, Sept 27-30 with Dan Boeger as rector. The contact reads,”no charge for group in exchange for commercial dishwasher.” There was much discussion about what it would cost for a dishwasher, if they have the plumbing to handle the dishwasher (which according to Rev Mike, who is on the CNP board they do not at this time) and what was the cost without the dishwasher.

Linda Evans read a letter that the secretariat had written to CNP in May of 2007 in response to an inquiry from them as to why we were not using CNP for our weekends anymore. There were several issues regarding the facility (tight sleeping quarters, inability to hold Mananitas, inadequate dishes, glasses and no dishwasher) that made it inadequate for our needs. Not knowing the facility, she asked if any of these situations had changed. Susan noted that where ever we hold the weekend, we can adapt.


It was decided that we would table the CNP issue at this time. Rev Mike will talk to Dan Boeger regarding these issues and the probability that even if the Secretariat was to purchase a commercial dishwasher that it probably would not be installed before the Sept 2012 weekend since they presently do not have the money to upgrade the plumbing. If Dan still wants to pursue having #107 at CNP we will need to know what the bottom line cost for the dishwasher would be and/or the contract change to include a dollar amount rather than the current language. (OPEN Rev Mike/ Dan 01/23/2012)


Russ noted also that we have received a letter of resignation from Debi Hart as webmaster. He suggested that we recognize Debi for all the hard work that she has contributed to the movement over the years. Susan noted that we have had many hard working people come and go and that we have not ever done anything to show appreciation. Russ will get a card and have people sign it in appreciation (OPEN Russ 01/23/2012)



Treasurer Report: Evan passed out copies of his report, (attached). Evan wanted to make us aware that if we fall under $5000.00 in our account that we would start incurring fees. He noted that we have been losing money with the last few weekends. Susan said that we were in the mission of spreading the Word, not to make money. Evan just wanted it noted that 2 years ago we had over $10,000 and now $6300.00. Gerry said that in the past when Cursillo needed money cursillistas gladly opened their pocketbooks and wrote checks, not to worry. Rev Mike inquired about the possibility of having a pay-pal put on the website for people to make donations and Russ did not know, he would check out the possibility. (OPEN to Russ 01/23/2012). Linda moved that we accept the report to be held for audit.


Vice-President Report: No report





Rectora #105 Report: See written report attached

Janet announced that she had the receipts and check for $729.26 which was unspent. There were a total of 55 in attendance for the weekend.


Webmaster Report:

Russ self- appointed himself as webmaster. He asked all to go to the website at www.cursilloncal,org . He is open to any suggestions and comments.


Leadership Encouragement:

Susan announced that Leslie and she no longer wanted to continue this position that we need to be looking for replacements. They have set a date for rectora training with Peggy. Linda asked about training for the head cook and Susan said that there wasn’t any training, that all the head cook needed was the head cook book and if they had further questions they would contact someone that had been a head cook prior. I reminded her that I had training as head cook for #103 from Debby Gross, that the book was very out of date. Noreen said that she had updated it somewhat.




Spiritual Advisor Report: No report


Registrar Report: Not present


Librarian: Not present







New Business: 


Linda inquired about only having one weekend in 2012 which would be better attended and easier to find workers since these were some problems that we have been having, finding workers and candidates. There was much discussion. There was discussion about having a summer weekend to accommodate those teachers, etc., that can only attend during the summer. Russ said that we should table it for now and re-visit it in 2012 since the weekends for 2012 are already in place. (Table May 2012)


Old Business


Russ opened the floor for and additional nominations for the 2012 secretariat board. We have the following nominations from the previous meeting:


Russ Bruch for the position of President

Linda Evans for the position of President

Lois McPherson for the position of Vice-President

Evan Evans for the position of Treasurer

Amy Camp for the position of Secretary


Russ said that he wanted to withdraw his nomination.


Russ asked again for any additional nominations

Susan nominated Noreen Rafferty for the position of treasurer and she accepted.

Hearing no more nominations, Russ asked Brian, Rev Mike and Janet if they would distribute the ballots and counts the ballots, President does not get to vote except if there is a tie. Russ reminded all to cross his name off the ballot and to add in under Treasurer Noreen Rafferty’s name.


Votes counted on the new Secretariat board for 2012 will be as follows:

Linda Evans – President

Lois McPherson – Vice President

Noreen Rafferty – Treasurer

Amy Camp – Secretary


Noreen will need to get with Evan to transfer bank accounts in which the treasurer and president are signers.



November 22, 2011 Secretariat Agenda


President’s Report



I served on the Cursillo # 105 team and delivered the Rollo on Laity.


I received a letter from Debi Hart dated October 6, 2011 resigning her role as Webmaster effective October 21, 2011 (her 27th anniversary of making her Cursillo.)  Regretfully I accepted her resignation.  We thank her for her contributions.


As President of the Secretariat, I appointed myself as Webmaster.  I decided not to renew our contract with Network Solutions and let it lapse on the November 15, 2011 deadline.


I took the advice of Keri Lopez (Director of Communications for the Diocese) and contacted www.mychurchwebsite.net. I then constructed a new website using our same domain name (www.cursilloncal.org).  With the 10 % discount and the waiver of the $35 set up fee the cost is $179.  I request the approval of this action.


As requested by Rectora Peggy Bosh I reserved Cursillo # 106 dates (March 8-11, 2012) at St. Sava’s Camp in Jackson, CA.




Meeting adjourned at 8:25 with a prayer from The Rev Mike Kerrick



Next meeting Jan 23, 2012




Respectfully Submitted,




Linda Evans, Secretary


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