Minutes of September 17, 2012


Episcopal Cursillo Movement

 Diocese of Northern California


Secretariat Meeting Minutes, September 17, 2012


Meeting Location: Mercy Housing, West Sacramento


Attendees:  Linda Evans, President; Lois McPherson, Vice-President;

Noreen Rafferty, Treasurer; Amy Camp, Secretary; Anne Arms, Registrar; Delinda Woltring, Librarian; Rev Mike Kerrick; Maria Acuna-Feldman, Palanca; Janet Kendig and Gerry Moore: Rector Development Team; Russ Bruch, Webmaster;/Assistant Rector #107; Patty and Phil Park, Lead Cooks #107; Nancy Moore; Debi Hart; Judy Silva and Evan Evans.


The meeting was opened with a prayer by Rev Mike Kerrick at 7:15 pm


Secretary’s Report:

Minutes for the May 21, 2012 were not available for acceptance. This will be done at the next meeting of the Secretariat 


President’s Report:

Linda Evans distributed the meeting agenda to all present.


Linda introduced the idea of inviting individuals from the National Cursillo Movement to come to the Northern Diocese to present a 3 day leadership workshop. The purpose would be to get everyone in our diocese “on track”. They would provide information on best approaches to encourage Cursillo team and sponsor participation, as well as presenting ways for sponsors to encourage candidates to accept their invitation.


Linda shared that the goal would be to get away from approaching a Cursillo with the mindset of “putting on a weekend” and moving toward a greater focus on 4th Day and Grand Ultreya participation as a result of becoming a Cursillista.

Explore the “why”, “what”, and “where”.  She pointed out that it could be a benefit for an outside entity to look in at the Northern Diocese Cursillo format and evaluate and suggest.


It was stressed that it would not be about finding what’s wrong, but rather to encourage Cursillistas to do the things that matter most-- to keep the center of the movement focused on Christ.


Reverend Kerrick suggested that a survey be distributed to Cursillistas beforehand to evaluate interest.


Gerry and others felt a 3-day commitment was not realistic and that perhaps a one day training might receive a better response.

A vote on whether  a 3-day workshop occured and it did not pass.


Debi Hart made a recommendation that Cursillos be suspended in 2013 while the movement is “revitalized”. A vote was taken and it did not pass. Cursillo will happen in 2013 as planned.


Vice-President Report: No report


Treasurer’s Report:

Noreen presented the current report dated 9/14/2012, and stated that the current balance was $6,014.74. There were no unpaid receipts.


Delinda Woltring moved that we accept the report to be held for audit. No objections.


Spiritual Advisor Report: No Report

Reverend Kerrick asked that members of the Secretariat and all Cursillistas work out disagreements in the spirit of Christ. He asked that people pray for the person that one has a struggle with and then communicate with that person.

He stated that we should always keep our focus on Christ, not on personal agendas.


Librarian’s Report:

Delinda shared that she is spending time going through all of the boxes in the library and eliminating outdated materials.


Registrar’s Report:

Anne reported that letters of acceptance had been mailed to the 26 candidates registered for Cursillo #107. Letters had also been sent to the candidates’ sponsors.

She stated that there was one person on the waiting list.


Russ Bruch requested that this person be allowed to participate. Amy Camp (#107 Cha Cha) confirmed that there was sleeping space available based on the bed assignments she had recently completed.

Anne said she would send out a letter of acceptance the following day.


Maria Acuna-Feldman asked why the letters go out so late. Linda replied that there had been many changes since the originally proposed date and it was better to wait.


Webmaster Report:

Russ stated that the Grand Ultreya date has been set and posted on the website. It will be November 3, 2012 at St. Martin’s in Davis.




Palanca Report:

Maria reported that on the National Cursillo Website, Leslie Grier’s name still appears as the contact person for Palanca for the Northern Diocese.


Maria said that email Palanca for #107 has been very generous and included something from as far as New Zealand.


Rector (a) Development Report:

It was stated that there was to be a brief meeting directly following this meeting.


Sponsor Training Report: No Report


Old Business:

(Open issues not previously noted in this report)


Kairos program needs a liaison. (Tabled)


Should cost to participate on team or as a Cursillista be increased?  There has not been an increase in many years. (Tabled on 1/24/12; 3/19/12; and 5/21/12)

Father Kerrick stated the money seems to be okay. No one present felt the need to pursue this.


New Business:


Secretariat Officer Nominations Held”


President:          Gerry Moore (nominated by Janet Kendig, Patty Park seconded)

                          Janet Kendig (nominated by Noreen Lafferty, Maria Acuna-

                             Feldman seconded)

Vice President:  Judy Silva (nominated by Amy Camp, Janet Kendig seconded)

Secretary:          Amy Camp (nominated by Evan Evans, Russ Bruch seconded)

Treasurer:          Noreen Lafferty (nominated  by Evan Evans, Delinda Woltring                      



Debi Hart and Anne Arms to be responsible for counting votes at next meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m. with a closing prayer from Reverend Mike Kerrick.


Next Secretariat Meeting:  November 19, 2012 @ 7pm



Respectfully Submitted,


 Amy Camp, Secretary



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