November 16, 2010 Minutes


Episcopal Cursillo Movement

 Diocese of Northern California

Secretariat Meeting Minutes, November 16, 2010

St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, Davis


Attendees: Russ Bruch, President; Evan Evans, Treasurer; Linda Evans, Secretary; David Thomas, Webmaster; The Rev. Mike Kerrick, Spiritual Advisor; Lynne Thomas, Registrar; Debi Hart; Delinda Woltring 


Not Present: Paul Sabitier, Vice-President

The meeting was opened with a prayer by The Rev. Mike Kerrick at 7:00 pm


Russ Bruch wanted to take a few minutes to thank long standing appointed officers of the secretariat, David & Lynne Thomas for their work and commitment. David had notified the secretariat prior to the last meeting and Lynne prior to this meeting that as of the end of the year they will be resigning their positions as webmaster and registrar, respectfully. Both are willing to train their predecessors.


Secretary’s Report: 

Linda Evans passed out copies of the September minutes.  There was a correction to the spelling of Leslie Grier’s last name on page 5, 4th paragraph.  There were no other corrections to be made to the minutes; David Thomas moved to accept the minutes as corrected, seconded by Evan Evans; all voted the vote was unanimous.


Linda reported that she and Evan attended the Episcopal 100th convention in Redding last weekend. At the convention they had set up a Cursillo booth, answering questions, handing out applications, buttons and information on Cursillo. The response was great. All cursillista’s came by for a button and wore it proudly.


We had been approached by a lady from Vallejo that was interested and had never heard of Cursillo. We spoke to her in great length and offered her an application that we would hold until a date had been set and then would contact her. We then had the opportunity to talk with 3 others from Vallejo that were interested and had not heard of Cursillo. Evan spoke with The Rev Rico, Rector. Rev Rico knew of Cursillo, had never been and was interested in attending. He would like for Evan and me to come and speak with his congregation. Cookie Clark from Vacaville will be sponsoring Rev Rico and we will be also sponsoring one of the other contacts. We are not sure if there are any cursillista's in Vallejo and may need sponsors for the other 2 folks that we have applications (Evan & I are willing to spiritually sponsor all 4) We will be planning with Rev Rico, some kind of get together for anyone that has attended Cursillo after one of their services to get a feel for the climate there and take it from there to see what we can develop. We will report back to the secretariat next meeting. (Open to the Evans’ Jan 2011)





Treasurer Report:

Evan passed out copies of September’s report. He reported that we have returned all monies to sponsors for those not attending Cursillo 103 with the exception of Perry Polk for Suzie Peterson. Perry is aware that Suzie did not go and that she had not notified anyone and has not asked for reimbursement.


Lynne Thomas gave the application to Evan to return to Perry Polk and for him to have that conversation with him about the fees. We need to make sure that he understands that if he does not get reimbursement now it will not be applied to another (or same applicant) at a later date, that we must close the books after each Cursillo.


The cook team has returned the unused balance of the funds and receipts given to them for #103. The cook team came in under budget.


Evan still had not received funds and/or receipts from Leslie for the Rollo Room, and will not be able to close #103 out without this information. (Open to Russ who will contact Leslie)


Delinda moved the report be accepted, seconded by The Rev. Mike Kerrick; all voted unanimously and kept for audit.


Russ received an email for the music license (CCLI) that were due 9/10/10 and gave it to Evan to contact and pay.







President Report:

Russ noted that Cursillo 103 set some records having had the longest prep time (11/15/2009 – 10/24/2010) due to the postponement, 24 registered but 4 left before the end. (3 due to illness) and record number in attendance for the Grand Ultreya even with the weather being so bad we had about 65.


Russ also spoke to a draft of some emergency procedures, provided by Susan Van Dyke, for future Cursillo’s due to some of the incidents that happened at 103. Thursday night instructions need to be given as to where the rooms of the core people were, in case of emergency and what should be done; the information should also be posted in the dorm rooms. In discussion it was also suggested that a couple of team people to sleep in the candidates room to oversee in case of problems, that all candidates and team complete first thing Thursday night, an emergency card. The card would have 2 emergency contacts, list of any prescriptions that they are currently taking, and any health problems that they may have. David Thomas suggested that the cards be sealed in envelops with their names to be opened ONLY in case of an emergency. This might allow folks to be more open with their information if they know it will not be seen unless absolutely necessary. These envelops will be returned to them prior to leaving Sunday.


Russ also asked at what point of the weekend they are considered cursillista's for the ones that left. There were many suggestions, but it was a case by case decision. Truly the three that left for illness were filed with the Holy Spirit and considered Cursillista’s. The one that left for another reason was there for the wrong reasons and therefore would not be considered a cursillista.


Rev Mike has not yet but will be sending something out to all clergy reminders that when they are signing the applications for candidates they need to be mindful of what Cursillo is all about and to question the readiness of the candidate.


St Sava’s is not very happy with us. There was a mattress in the Chapel room that had gotten wet and we will not be returned our security deposit of $250.00. Evan seems to think it was due to a leaking toilet, that all mattresses were kept in the bathroom, none were put outside.


Leslie Grier was looking into another place to hold the weekends in El Dorado County. Lynne Thomas suggested “Lady of the Oaks” was one that Faith had used.



Vice-President Report:  No Report


Registrar’s Report: 

We have returned all the monies to those who cancelled prior to the weekend (2). It has been the practice to return fees to those who notify us even at the last minute but not to those who just do not show.


She will be happy to train who ever the next registrar becomes and help with the transition.


She had not been happy with the way Cursillo was going, with the lack of outreach and was glad to hear about the outreach by Linda & Evan to Vallejo.


Webmaster’s Report:

He has updated the webpage to show #104 TBA. Russ informed him that the webpage replacement will probably be contacting him next week about training.


Leadership Encouragement: No Report


Librarian: Vacant


Debi Hart addressed the body with a concern. She had been contacted by Leslie Grier for the team applications with no reason as to why. She feels that her position as Application Coordinator was to preserve the confidentiality of these applications. They need to be shared with the rector/rectora and possibly the head cook during the process of selection for a team but that she was to be in possession of the book at all other times. Leslie had also suggested copies of the applications and does not believe that the information should be out there available to anyone. There was much discussion and it was determined that her understanding was correct and that all such requests need to come through the president of the secretariat. A valid reason should accompany the request for the president to make a decision. It was also offered that the book itself be shared but not additional copies in those cases.


Debi was prepared to step down for the position of application coordinator but with this additional understanding, will think and pray on it further before making a final decision.


Old Business

Russ reopened additional nominations for the secretariat positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer for the upcoming 2011 year.


Russ Bruch had been nominated for the president position;

Susan Van Dyke had been nominated for the position of vice-president; Linda Evans had been nominated for the position of secretary; Evan Evans had been nominated for the position of treasurer; were there any other nominations; hearing none, nominations closed. All positions elected by acclimation.


Comments for the good of the whole 

Evan Evans thanked Russ for the Cursillo buttons that he had made and allowed him and Linda to distribute at the convention. When ever anyone saw someone with the button, they were sent to our booth for a button. It did not take long to see a sea of buttons all over. In fact, when Bishop Jerry Lamb got up to give his speech, he had his Cursillo button displayed proudly on his lapel.


Russ noted that the meetings would remain the same; third Tuesday of the month, 7:00pm at St Martin’s and the odd month with the exception of July, when there will be no meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm with a prayer by The Rev Mike Kerrick


Next meeting Jan 18, 2011


Respectfully Submitted,



Linda Evans, Secretary


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