September 27, 2011 Minutes


Episcopal Cursillo Movement

 Diocese of Northern California

Secretariat Meeting Minutes, September 27, 2011

St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, Davis



Attendees: Russ Bruch, President; Susan Van Dyke, Vice-President;

Evan Evans, Treasurer; Linda Evans, Secretary; The Rev Mike Kerrick, Spiritual Director; Janet Kendig, Rectora #105; Leslie Grier, Amy Camp, Debi Hart, Maria Acuna-Feldon, Peggy Bosch, Armen Kendig, Keri Lopez, Director of Communications for the Diocese.


The meeting was opened with a prayer by The Rev Mike Kerrick at 7:00 pm


Russ stated that we would be changing the regular format of reports tonight to accommodate Janet, rectora 105, which had to drive a long distance to attend and would not be able to stay for the entire meeting and the introduction of Kei Lopez from the Diocese.


Rectora #105 Report: They currently have 8 candidates and we still have about a month to go.

The team has had the training to be in compliance with the Diocese with the exception of 6 people. There was discussion about “who needs to be trained”. Linda Evans has been working closely with The Rev Debra Warwick-Sabino in order to make sure Cursillo is in compliance. The answer that Linda received from Rev Debra+ was, “If someone was just coming to drop off something and leave, no they do not need to be trained. It they are interacting with the team/candidates and are helping/participating, then yes they need to be trained. So if there is a team coming to set up Agape, if they set up and leave fine, but if they stay and participate, they would be interacting with team/candidates and therefore would need to have the required training. The training has been made accessible through the diocesan website for a fee of $5.00. After the on-line training has been completed, notification will be sent to Rev. Debra+ who will then send out certificates and will also track all the information. She was only going to be keeping records for the Episcopal Churches in the Diocese, but after discussion with Linda Evans, Rev. Debra+ said that she will maintain them of other churches as well.


Janet then asked about sponsorship. She was told that the secretariat had funds to help those sponsors that could not afford the sponsor fees. Linda Evans read the minutes of the last meeting that noted that the secretariat did have monies up to $75.00 to help any sponsor with the fees. It did not replace the need of a spiritual sponsor, but could help with the fees. The rectora just needs to let the president aware of the needs. Leslie Grier and Susan Van Dyke added that if the rectora would let the team know that there are these needs, based on past practice, the fees would come from the team or their ultreya’s.

See written report attached for additional report.


Peggy Bosch said that she was notified that she would be the rectora of #106 and had concerns as to where and when it will be held and could she pick her own core team or was it pre-selected. Russ assured her that we would have plenty of time, that he would contact St. Sava’s for dates and get back to her (OPEN Russ) She was assured that she could pick her core team and that she would also have rectora training.


Peggy Bosch, Janet Kendig and her spouse then excused themselves from the meeting.


Debi Hart, webmaster, then introduced Keri Lopez, the director of Communications for the Diocese. Debi has invited her to speak to the secretariat on thoughts of how to improve our current website. Keri thanked us for the chance to speak to us and has provided a written report, (which is attached). There was discussion as to when our fees on the current website were paid and the costs. She is advising us, based on our needs not to use the website that the Diocese currently uses. She has outlined her suggested website and its fees. It is something for the secretariat to review.


President’s Report: See written report attached


Secretary’s Report:

Linda Evans passed out copies of the May 24, 2011 minutes.  Susan Van Dyke made a motion to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Leslie; all voted the vote was unanimous. 


Treasurer Report: Evan passed out copies of his report, (attached). He still had not received our deposit back from#104 from St. Sava’s. Russ has spoken with Dani from St. Sava’s and the deposit will be applied to the deposit for #105. Evan asked that Russ make sure that we get something from them, which can just be noted on the 105 contract, so that his files are clear as to what happened to the 104 deposit. Russ said that he would, that he had not yet received the contract for 105.

Linda moved that we accept the report to be held for audit.



Vice-President Report: No report


Spiritual Advisor Report:

Father Mike has written a second article as part of a series for the “Aurora”, the online newsletter for diocesan clergy; explaining what Cursillo is and what a person should do if interested in participating.


Registrar Report: We have 8 candidates for #105



Leadership Encouragement: Susan and Leslie announced that they have recommended Peggy Bosch and Dan Boeger for rector/as for the next two Cursillos, #106 and #107


Librarian: Not present


Report from #104 Rectora: Not present


New Business:

Russ opened the floor for nominations for the 2012 secretariat board. The following nominations were made:

Leslie Grier nominated Russ Bruch for the position of President – Russ accepted

Linda Evans nominated Lois McPherson for the position of Vice-President – Lois accepted per email received verifying acceptance

Evan Evans nominated Linda Evans for the position of President – Linda accepted

Linda Evans nominated Evan Evans for the position of Treasurer – Evan accepted

Evan Evans nominated Amy Camp for the position of Secretary – Amy accepted.


Russ announced that additional nominations will be accepted at the next meeting as well, and that we would also have the elections at the next meeting.

Russ asked Leslie Grier and Susan Van Dyke to be the nomination committee for the elections at the next meeting. They would need to make up ballots, leaving room for any additional contenders, they accepted.


Debi Hart read a letter from Ramona Rich to the secretariat. It spoke to concerns she has regarding the path of Cursillo. She offered 3 insights that she would like to see discussed: The feeling that Cursillo is not a weekend, it is a movement within the churches and that the purpose of Cursillo is to raise leaders within the churches also remembering that sponsors are key in Cursillo experiences. She ended with questions for us to ponder: Why is Cursillo struggling?  What can we do differently?  



Meeting adjourned at 8:40 with a prayer from The Rev Mike Kerrick



Next meeting Nov 22, 2011




Respectfully Submitted,



Linda Evans, Secretary


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