.Cursillo #119 will be November 7 - 10, 2024

 at Mt. Hope Bible Camp Forbestown


Making one’s Cursillo is both an exciting, eye opening renewal, and a “top of the mountain” experience.

This experience brings many joys and many responsibilities.  The responsibility brought forth here is sponsorship of other Christian leaders to this weekend renewal.  It is in sponsoring others that the Cursillo is nurtured into an ever-widening force to bring Christ to our environments and our environments to Christ.

•  A sponsor needs to be an active Christian leader witnessing to their love and relationship with  Christ.

•  Sponsors need to know the person they will sponsor, and to have seen in them the qualities of a person whose walk with our Lord will be enhanced by the Cursillo experience.

•  Sponsors will know that Cursillo, although a wonderful support, is not a place where people are sent to get over things, or get their lives together.  It is not a place that will help resolve a stressful life.

•  Sponsors should discuss Cursillo with their candidates to be, and to answer any questions about Cursillo.

•  Sponsors should send candidates from their area, to make the fourth day follow-up more workable.

At the weekend, sponsors make sure the candidate has everything they will need for the weekend.

•  They will provide transportation to and from the weekend.

•  They will provide for the cares and needs of any members of the candidate’s family during    the weekend.

•  They will provide support, prayers, and personal palanca for the weekend.

•  They will attend Mañanitas, Clausura and any other events that include the candidates and the Cursillo community.

After the weekend, sponsors are responsible to direct the candidates to the fourth day activities, help them to join or form a Group Reunion and take them to an Ultreya and to provide transportation or whatever is needed to keep the support going.  If you don’t think you can provide this fourth day opportunity then perhaps you should reconsider sponsorship and work on your own fourth day life.

It is hard to sponsor multiple candidates and should be avoided unless there are co-sponsors.  It is not easy to sponsor a candidate and work on the team for their weekend.

            Above all PRAY and think UPWARD AND ONWARD.  DE COLORES!