January 24, 2012 Minutes


Episcopal Cursillo Movement

 Diocese of Northern California


Secretariat Meeting Minutes, January 24, 2012


Scheduled Meeting Location: St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Sacramento

(Meeting relocated to Mercy Housing in West Sacramento-unable to access church)


Attendees:  Linda Evans, President; Lois McPherson, Vice-President;

Noreen Rafferty, Treasurer; Amy Camp, Secretary; The Rev. Mike Kerrick, Spiritual Director; Russ Bruch, Webmaster; Maria Acuna-Feldman, Palanca; Peggy Bosch, Rectora #106; Gerry Moore & Janet Kendig,Rector Development;

Evan Evans and Dan Boeger.


The meeting was opened with a prayer by Rev. Mike Kerrick at 7:45 pm


Secretary’s Report:

Amy Camp passed out copies of the November 22, 2011 minutes.  Evan Evans made a motion to accept the minutes as written, which was seconded by Russ Bruch. All present voted and the vote was unanimous. 


President’s Report:

Linda Evans distributed the meeting agenda to all present.

Introductions of individuals holding new secretariat positions were made.

Clarification of the Love Team duties will be moved to next meeting due to the time.  (OPEN: Linda  3/19/12). Linda explained that a CD containing the National by-laws will be purchased. Anyone that would like a copy should let her know. They can also be viewed on the national website.


Vice-President Report: (Lois McPherson) No report


Treasurer’s Report:

Noreen distributed a copy of the Treasurer’s Report, dated January 24, 2012. On 1/5/12, the Bank of the West account, with a balance of $6,884.96, was closed. On 1/7/12, Wells Fargo Bank checking and savings accounts were opened. In order to receive perks (free checks, no fee, etc.) we had to also open a savings account in which they will automatically on the first of the month transfer $100.00 from checking to savings.  We can transfer back to checking $95.00 of it monthly.  We have balances of $6,884.96 and $5.00, respectively.

Evan Evans moved that we accept the report to be held for audit.


Spiritual Advisor Report: No report


Librarian’s Report: Delinda Woltring not present/No report


Registrar’s Report: Anne Arms not present/No report

(Note: Anne is the contact with the Diocese for mail and applications should be sent to her)


Webmaster Report:

Russ asked all to go to the website at www.cursilloncal,org .  He is open to any suggestions and comments.

In response to last meetings inquiry by Rev. Mike about the possibility of having a Pay-Pal option put on the website for people to make donations, Russ announced that this will be established by 1/25/12. There is a small cost associated with the pay-pal and will be deducted from the transaction.  (No expense to us)

Russ requested that only Word documents be sent to him-no PDF.

Russ asked that those present sign appreciation cards for Debi Hart, Susan Van Dyke, and Leslie Grier. He will mail.


Palanca Report: No report

Maria has asked for training. She will attempt to get assistance from Leslie Grier.


Rector Development Report: No report

Linda noted that this was previously known as “Leadership Development and Encouragement”. The name has been changed to clarify what it is/does.  This team is made up of Gerry Moore, Janet Kendig, Beth Southorn and I.  We will be setting up a date to get together.


Sponsor Training Report:

Gerry recommends going to various churches, Ultreyas, etc. to talk about what is involved in sponsorship. He will write something for the website to describe the importance of training for sponsors (OPEN: Gerry 3/19/12).

It was recommended that a Cursillista at each church be identified as a contact person that can receive and distribute sponsorship information.

Janet Kendig recommended that the information could be distributed at the Deacon meeting on 2/25/12.


Cursillo #106 Report:

Rectora Peggy Bosch announced the new dates: May 3-6. It will be held at St. Sava in Jackson. To date, there are 27 confirmed team participants and 18 potential participants. Team meetings are to start in March. John Bosch has confirmed as one of the Spiritual Directors.

Theme: “This is my commandment-to love one another as I have loved you” John 3:16.


Peggy encouraged all to take on being stewards of the movement-to grow it and nurture it so that we can keep Cursillo alive and healthy. She recommended that Cursillistas encourage each other to invite involvement. Notices about the movement should be posted on church websites and in newsletters.

Peggy was encouraged to write a “spark” for review by the secretariat. (OPEN: Peggy 3/19/12)





Old Business:

Cursillo #107: Camp Noel Porter has been reserved for Sept 27-30 with Dan Boeger as Rector. The contact reads: “no charge for group in exchange for commercial dishwasher.”   Last meeting there was much discussion about what it would cost for a dishwasher and if the existing plumbing could handle the dishwasher (which according to Rev Kerrick, who is on the CNP board, it would not).

Dishwasher estimates were found to be between $2000 and $4000. Rev. Kerrick stated he might be able to get installation donated. Issue of plumbing being updated still exists.

Actual cost to use facility without the dishwasher exchange to be reconfirmed by Rev. Kerrick. There is concern that use of this location is cost prohibitive. (OPEN: Rev Kerrick 3/19/12)


Linda had previously inquired about the possibility of having only one Cursillo weekend in 2013. Thoughts were that it would be better attended and easier to find workers. There was discussion about having a summer weekend to accommodate those teachers, etc., that can only attend during the summer.  It was said that we do not have to have a motion or vote to make a summer session happen, that it is up to the rector (a) selected for the spring weekend and their openness to having the date be in June.  It will be given to the rectora Development team to take up with the rector (a)   we will table the idea of only having one session in 2013.


Linda is also looking into other options of places to hold the weekends in the future (retreat centers, etc.), stating we need to consider “it can be different” than what we’re used to.  If anyone knows of any please let her know.


New Business:


Should cost to participate on team or as a Cursillista be increased?  There has not been an increase in many years. (Tabled: 3/19/12)


Linda announced that there is a new Solano Ultreya (Fairfield, Vacaville, and Vallejo combined). The Ultreya will be held quarterly on the 3rd Sundays between 4pm and 6pm with the first one to be held on February 19th at Grace Church in Fairfield. Additional dates include: 5/20 at Epiphany in Vacaville; 8/19 at Ascension in Vallejo; and 11/18 at Grace in Fairfield.

Contacts are Cookie Clark @ Epiphany; Anne Arms @ Ascension; and Linda Evans @ Grace.


The date of the secretariat meetings is to be changed, due to the conflict with the new board members.  Future meetings to be held on the 3rd Monday of odd months and since we have problems with getting into St Paul’s for our meetings, 

Future meetings will be held at: The Mercy Housing Building, 3120 Freeboard West Sacramento, CA 95691, thanks to Maria Acuna-Feldman


Meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m. with a closing prayer from The Rev Mike Kerrick



Next Secretariat Meeting: March 19, 2012 @ 7pm




Respectfully Submitted,




Amy Camp, Secretary



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