March 22, 2011 Minutes


Episcopal Cursillo Movement

 Diocese of Northern California

Secretariat Meeting Minutes, March 22, 2011

St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, Davis


Attendees: Russ Bruch, President; Susan Van Dyke, Vice-President; Evan Evans, Treasurer; Linda Evans, Secretary.


The meeting was opened with a prayer by Russ Bruch at 7:00 pm


Secretary’s Report:

Linda Evans passed out copies of the Jan. 18, 2011 minutes.  There were a couple of corrections to the minutes as follows: page 2 “Russ requested a check from the treasurer for the cleaning deposit of $350.00. It will cost $2000.00 for the 4 days.” And under new business first paragraph, “changes” to “changed”. Evan moved to accept the minutes as corrected, seconded by Susan; all voted the vote was unanimous. 


Treasurer Report:

Evan passed out copies of January’s report. No receipts and still outstanding were the 3 checks for Cursillo 104 of $2000.00, $500.00 and $500.00. Susan moved that we accept the report and it was seconded by Linda; all voted the vote was unanimous


President Report:

Russ reported that he was on the team for #104. He also said that we now have a new registrar, Nora Braun and that he has trained her and she is ready to proceed. We also have a new webmaster, Debi Hart.


Vice-President Report: No report


Spiritual Advisor Report: Not present


Registrar Report:

The registrar was not present. Report given by President for registrar: the new registrar has noted that her street number of her address on the applications on the website is incorrect and needs to be corrected from 2121 to 2421 (open to Linda to contact webmaster)



Webmaster Report:

The webmaster was not present. Report given by President for webmaster: that she has been trained by the outgoing webmaster, David Thomas and is proceeding slowly.


Leadership Encouragement: Not present


Librarian: Vacant


Report from #104 Rectora: Not present


Old Business:

Susan made a motion that the secretariat pay a cleaning fee, up to $500.00, to clean after the Cursillo weekend when held at Camp Noel Porter; it was seconded by Evan; all voted, the vote was unanimous.


New Business:

Evan made a motion to change the secretariat meetings from the third Tuesday of the odd months to the fourth Tuesday of the odd months; it was seconded by Linda; all voted the vote was unanimous. Future meetings will be May 24, Sept 27, and Nov 22 for 2011.


Susan noted that Cursillo #104 has presented some challenges; low number of candidates, smaller team and the weather. The biggest being the weather conditions. The concern is that we do not want to put any team member, candidate or sponsor in harms way by having to drive under any hazardous weather conditions.

Susan made a motion that in the event of any dangerous weather conditions, #104 may need to be postponed until further notice. The secretariat board will meet again, via email on March 31, one week prior to the #104 weekend, to make a final decision. In the event that it is determined that #104 will be postponed due to hazardous weather conditions, the secretary will send a notice to the core team of #104 telling of its postponement. The secretary will also notify by email, all sponsors of this decision and instruct them to notify their candidates and to let the secretariat know when all candidates have been notified; it was seconded by Evan; all voted, the vote was unanimous.


Russ and Susan tried to contact Beth Southorn by phone to let her know of our decision and to get her input but she was not available. Russ or Susan will be contacting her.


Meeting adjourned at 7:35 by Russ



Next meeting May 24, 2011


Respectfully Submitted,



Linda Evans, Secretary



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