May 21, 2012 Minutes


Episcopal Cursillo Movement of Northern California


Secretariat Meeting Minutes, May 21, 2012

3120 Freeboard Drive, Sacramento, 95691


Opening Prayer – The Rev Mike Kerrick


Attendees – Linda Evans, President; Noreen Lafferty, Treasurer; Evan L Evans, Stephen Harris, Mary R Boeger, Dan Boeger, Bob Wheeler, Janet Kendig, MaryAnn Renzi, Nancy Moore, Gerry Moore, Judy Silva, The Rev. Mike Kerrick, Anne Arms, and Delinda Woltring.


Not in Attendance- Lois McPherson, Vice –President and Amy Camp, Secretary


Linda announced that our secretary, Amy Camp was not in attendance; she had asked our registrar, Anne Arms to take the minutes.


Secretary Report - Minutes of the March meeting were distributed and reviewed. Evan Evans made a motion to approve the minutes as written.  It was noted that Karios was miss-spelled. Evan Evans noted the correction and moved that minutes be approved with said correction, Stephen Harris seconded the motion, and all voted in favor unanimously, motion carried.


President’s Report - Cursillo #107 will be October 4 thru 7, 2012 at Camp Noel Porter.  The theme is “What does the Lord Require of thee?” and Dan Boeger is the rector.


The Cursillo Straw Cross was passed from Janet Kendig, Cursillo #105 to Dan Boeger, Cursillo #107, since 106 had been canceled.


The price for Camp Noel Porter for the weekend is $2000 plus a $350.00 cleaning charge.  We will need checks from the treasurer, $350.00 for the deposit and $350.00 for the cleaning fee.


The required training for all team members includes Sexual Harassment & Sexual Exploitation.  The secretariat had voted to have it mandatory as part of a team meeting in preparation of the weekend but at the last meeting it had been voted out because the training was now on-line and most had received the training.  Linda noted that at the last 106 meeting that there was several that had not completed the training and that Evan Evans had to take time from his team preparation and give the training to those and with that there was still one person that had not completed the required training even after that Saturday.  Evan made a motion to reinstate the requirement that it be part of the team meeting preparation, it was seconded by Stephen Harris, all voted and the motion was defeated.  Vote 3 yes, 8 nays, 3 abstained.  Dan, Rector of 107 said that he would make sure that everyone on team was trained and would make it a part of the meetings if need be. 


The rector and assistant rector needs a background check which is done on through the Diocesan website. Dan has already completed his background when he was the assistant of 105.  When he decides on an assistant, they will need to go on the website and request background.  The secretariat will reimburse them for the expense.



Dan Boeger, Rector for Cursillo #107, interjected that he will be visiting Camp Noel Porter this coming week and will have a definitive count on beds and number per room.


September 21 will be the deadline for Candidate applications

Scholarships – The Secretariat has money available, $75 per applicant, but only after they have applied to their church, Ultreya or other individuals.  This procedure will be clarified. 


The president has the DVD with the National Rules for Secretariats.  She has been in contact with the National Representative to obtain some guidance on policies


Cursillo #106 - Candidate applications received were returned by Linda after the cancellation. They were notified that they would receive first preference for 107


Treasurer’s Report – The report was distributed with an accounting through May 21, 2012. The balance in the bank is $4,623.38.  Evan moved that we accept the report as written to be held for audit.


Delinda moved and Stephen seconded a motion to increase the team and candidate fees.  There was much discussion and it was felt that this would not be the time to entertain an increase.  Delinda and Stephen agreed and the motion was dropped. 


Spiritual Advisor – The Rev Mike Kerrick explained that the purpose of Cursillo was to raise up leaders to send back to their parishes, not to obtain application and just send folks to a weekend.  We need to remember the 4th day and Ultreya part of Cursillo, the follow-through.


Librarian Report – Not present – Linda noted that Delinda will be on vacation in June and will do the inventory at that time.


Registrar’s Report - All the fees and applications for candidates or 106 has been returned with letters to the sponsors that they would be given first consideration for 107.


Rector Development Report – Team includes Beth Southorn, Janet Kendig, Jerry Moore and The Rev Mike Kerrick. Gerry Moore noted that he will be, due to health reasons, stepping down from this group as well as the Sponsor training. Linda noted that she knew this was a hard decision for Gerry and we appreciate all his hard work and thanked him.  He said that he would remain as a resource person.  They will set training for Dan after checking with Beth Southorn.


Sponsor Training Report – Gerry has resigned.


Old Business


Linda is still looking for someone to serve as liaison with Karios.  At the Ultreya to be held at Ascension, Vallejo, in August, we will be preparing the paper hands for the Karios weekend that is held on Labor Day weekend at the Vacaville prison.



New Business


Evan complimented Noreen on the cancellation letter to #106 Team members.


Linda was told that the Cross that is used for the Cursillo weekend is missing from the Methodist Church.  It was discovered when they were packing everything up to be returned to storage.  Please let Linda know if anyone has any information to its whereabouts.  She told Dan that we may need to replace it for 107 to keep this in mind..


Janet brought up that when she went into the National Cursillo website that she found mention of an “Episcopal Cursillo Leaders Workshop” that can be put on with help from the National.  It looks similar to the Cursillo Weekend but for Cursillistas.  Delinda made a motion that we try to schedule such weekend in 2013, Janet seconded a motion, and all voted unanimously, motion carried.  Linda has emailed our National Representative and will discuss this possibility with him.


Information and training materials are on the National Episcopal Cursillo website.


Linda noted that we do not usually have a meeting in July but that with the upcoming 107 and other projects, that we have a need for a July meeting.  She asked if there would be any objections and there were none. 


Next meeting will be at 7:00 on Monday, July 16, 2012, at Mercy Housing, 3120 Freeboard Drive, Sacramento, 95691.




Anne Arms,

Secretary, pro tem


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